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Young startups often impress early adopters by offering exceptional customer service with a personal touch. On the other hand, many big tech companies are known to be hard to get a hold of when they run into any problems. Let’s see why this is happening and if anything can change soon. — Anna

No face

“Customer complaint handling at scale is broken at most tech companies,” author and engineer Gergely Orosz wrote in a blog post.

Like many tech workers, Orosz learned first-hand about customer service issues while working at Skype and Uber: “As soon as you update your LinkedIn profile to a new gig, you start getting messages from friends of friends asking you to help one of their problems. “

If people are desperate to find a connection in tech companies that can help them with a problem, it’s because it’s otherwise hard to get a human in the loop. Meta is an obvious example of this: “Facebook and Instagram serve nearly 3 billion daily users with close to zero customer support,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

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