The popular Playdate game Scenic Route’s Generations is coming to the App Store

Along with a black and white screen without backlight, there is even a small lever that can be used as a control mode. The unique hardware is complemented by many fun games.

One of the most memorable console games, Scenic Route’s Generations has made its way to the App Store.

And expect to be challenged. You can play as the Smiths or the Joneses to start. Then you will start arranging family portraits on the wall of your living room. But as you might expect, it’s harder than it seems.

Each time you hang three or more portraits of any family member of the same age group next to each other, their portraits will combine to form a new portrait of the older family member.

To start each game you will see storks. Three storks merge into a baby. Three babies turn into a child. Continue combining until you have created the matriarch and patriarchs of the family. Whenever that happens, you’ve created a generation. All the portraits hanging on the wall will be lifted and the spaces occupied by the elderly will be reopened to make room for the new generation.

The current portrait is on the coffee table to the left of the sofa. The next portrait rests in the middle of the couch. All additional portraits will appear on the table to the right of the couch.

During gameplay, portraits can only be hung next to other portraits. Therefore, you will need to think in advance about the best possible ranking so that you do not lose any matchups. When there is no more space on the wall, it’s game over.

Additional features include online leaderboards and achievements in the accessibility mode of numbered portraits, and even an iMessage sticker pack.

Designed for the iPhone, Scenic Route’s Generations is available to download for $4.99. There are no in-app purchases or ads.

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