Pitch Deck Teardown: Gable’s $12M Series A Deck

It looks like it was only yesterday that I wrote about Gable’s $12 million Series A, but it really was two days ago. The company is building an interesting product in the telecommuting world, and I was interested to see how the founders managed to convince investors to part with a big pile of dough.

Gable takes all the administrative work out of finding and booking nearby workspaces for both employees and employers. It operates in 26 different countries, and the company says more than 5,000 employees use the platform.

Slides in this set

At 21 slides, Gable’s set is longer than average. This contained:

  1. Title slide
  2. Team slide
  3. Market context slide (“The telecommuting revolution”)
  4. Problem slide no. 1 (“It’s hard at first remotely”)
  5. How people are solving it now (“How it’s done today”)
  6. Problem slide no. 2 (“Main Issues”)
  7. Solution slide
  8. Drag slide (“Where we are”)
  9. Product slide no. 1 (“Employee view”)
  10. Product slide no. 2 (“Management and Insight”)
  11. Product slide no. 3 (“Host View”)
  12. Drag slide (“Partnership with more than 800 spaces”)
  13. Value Proposition Slide (“Why They Choose Gable”)
  14. Case study slide 1
  15. Case study slide 2
  16. Business model slide
  17. Market Size Slide (“TAM”)
  18. Go to market slide (“scalable process”)
  19. Marketing slide (“huge channel opportunity)
  20. Product design slide
  21. Thank you slide

Three things to love

Facilitating the business of shared workspaces for startups certainly has its challenges, but it’s also a large and growing market. Gable weaves his story with ease.


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