pCloud is selling a 2TB lifetime plan with a free crypto folder for just $400 this Cyber ​​Monday

This Cyber ​​Monday, you can get a cheap piece of the action and get a 2TB lifetime subscription with a free crypto folder for just $400. That’s a savings of $1,315.

Considering that the lifetime crypto plan itself normally costs $575, we think this deal is almost a no-brainer.

But if you still need more information, read on.

pCloud is one of the few cloud storage providers that can truly claim to have an unhackable product.

In fact, a few years ago he offered a $100,000 reward for any hacker cunning enough to break through the encryption defenses of his Crypto Folder. Thousands of the most experienced hackers on the planet have tried, but no one has succeeded.

The company also pioneered the concept of Lifetime storage plans, which gives users an oasis of certainty in a world of rapidly rising prices.

If you take out a 2TB lifetime subscription today, you’ll benefit from all future updates, service enhancements and features as soon as they’re rolled out. Plus unbreakable client-side encryption.

And you’ll never have to pay another cent for the privilege.

As if that wasn’t enough reason to go for it, pCloud also has one of the best customer service providers in the business. It offers 24/7 support – and with highly trained experts instead of chatbots.

Also, pCloud always offers cool new things. Just a few weeks ago, it launched pCloud Pass, an elegant and convenient password manager that uses the company’s unparalleled encryption.

You can see what is still in preparation on the company’s public plan.

But today’s main point of order is pCloud’s enticing Online Monday offer.

Go to the pCloud website and get a lifetime of highly secure cloud storage at a great price.


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