Netflix’s gaming catalog adds Dust & Neon, Tomb Raider Reloaded

Go to the wild west of the future with dust and neon.

You will take on the identity of a Wild West cyborg, the Gunslinger, who fights against the army or robots.

Robots, once designed to assist life, have taken over the planet and threatened all humans.

You have been cloned back to life by a mad human scientist, you are the last hope to stand strong against the robot.

The twin-stick top-down shooter features role-playing progressions and influences from both roulette and loot shooters.

During gameplay, you’ll spawn in your home base, equip yourself, upgrade, and then find a mission. And be prepared to die, as you’ll have to power through countless runes and deaths.

There are many mission types to choose from such as Kill All, Train Heist and Sabotage Objective. Finding better loot will boost your mission progress.

Along with the loot quest, there are also a variety of unique boss fights to enjoy.

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