Moovit users can now track transport vehicles on a map in real time

Israeli urban travel planning app Moovit launched a new feature on Tuesday that allows users to track the movement of transit lines on a map in real time. The new feature, which is in addition to Moovit’s real-time arrival countdown, brings a new level of accuracy and certainty to users’ driving, the company says.

“Live Location offers the ability to see transit lines displayed on the map as icons, move around the map as they progress (or fall behind) on their route,” Yovav Meydad, Moovit’s chief growth officer, told Root Devices via email. marketing. “The feature is accessible from every Moovit screen, where a real-time arrival countdown is available via the action bar at the bottom of the screen.”

The live location feature is now available for buses, trains, trams, subways, ferries and cable cars – anything with GPS tracking installed – in more than 220 cities in 38 countries, and Moovit says more will follow.

This is a handy feature that Google Maps added to its service about four years ago.

Riders who want to see where their line is currently located should tap the “Live Location” button on the bottom line of the screen. A map will open and an icon will appear that will move along the transit line, allowing Moovit users to stare anxiously at their phones as they watch the icon of a small bus approach a stop.

Riders will also be able to see when tracking data was last updated and receive service alerts for that line, Meydad said, noting that users can view multiple lines moving on the map at the same time.

“This additional layer of context allows users to have everything they need to compare options in real time to make the best decision to easily reach their goal,” Meydad said.

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