Monopoly GO takes the classic board game in a fun new direction

The new title is a reimagining of the iconic board game. But you can still roll the dice and get rich.

Join Mr. Monopoly and roll around the classic board with familiar tokens such as the racing car, top hat and battleship.

Just as you remember, you can collect properties, cross over, build houses and hotels, draw opportunity cards, and even break into a prison.

But much more needs to be done. You can build a real estate empire with famous landmarks to increase your net worth and unlock over 100 new boards to explore. All milestones can be upgraded to show your tycoon status to the world and earn bigger rewards.

You can even play with friends and family and enjoy the Community Chest mini-game so everyone can earn more money.

When looking for competition, you can go up against other agents from all over the world. During the Bank Heist feature, you can try to knock down another player’s landmarks or steal money.

As you play, you can earn stickers for completing albums and trading with others.

And every day you can explore something new. There are daily tournaments and evolving mini-games to win prizes and meet other players. Some of the fun features you can find include timed opportunity cards and even milestones.

Monopoly GO is designed for iPhone and all iPad models. You can now download it for free from the App Store.

A wide variety of in-app purchases are available.

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