Meet the killer AI for Carrot Weather in the new update

And in the new version 5.9 update, you can get to know Carrot much, much better.

Yes, now you can get to know Carrot by playing different mini-games. Just select the carrot icon and select three different options. You can charge her power cells, verbally extol her greatness with on-screen prompts, and debug her code.

Verbal praise is hysterical, as you’ll see a phrase like “Carrot is my favorite weather app” and then have to repeat it correctly. Speech recognition APIs will make sure you said the phrase correctly before you receive credit.

If you collect enough hearts by playing games, Carrot will even start a “relationship” with you. But be warned, she’s called psychotic for a reason.

There are also a number of other features for users who want to avoid Carrot.

The app now supports live activities for all precipitation, not just rain. This is perfect for the upcoming winter season.

Thanks to the new Layout Gallery, you can find the perfect option for viewing the weather with interactive, scrollable previews. The new built-in layout offers vertical charts, data point pickers, and more.

Finally, you can also add animated elements and particles to your weather maps. This can help visualize an event such as a hurricane.

CARROT Weather is designed for iPhone and all iPad models. It can now be downloaded for free on the App Store.

Anyone who downloads the app will be able to look up the weather on an iOS device or Apple Watch, change CARROT’s personality and search for secret locations. Access to other features requires a subscription.

There are three subscription levels that unlock a wide range of additional features.

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