How two founders approach building ethical healthcare AI startups

The speed at which The development of artificial intelligence companies is making a lot of people nervous. This is because moving quickly can raise potential ethical issues that cannot be addressed.

Building ethical algorithms takes time. Models that have been built in haste are more likely to have an ingrained bias while lacking the necessary guardrails to prevent unnecessary damage from being done. If implemented in haste or done poorly, AI models can cause real damage in some sensitive industries such as healthcare.

But of course, much of the concern is focused on new founders riding into space on the hype train, as opposed to the many entrepreneurs who began painstakingly building models years before current market dynamics.

Amy Brown, founder and CEO of Authenticx, a startup that helps healthcare companies gain insight into their customer call center data using artificial intelligence, said on Root Devices’s Found podcast that those looking to build AI algorithms should recognize potential negative consequences of the models produced. incorrectly.

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