How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo with PC & Without PC?

Rooting is a big word in the Android community. By rooting your device, you can get access to more apps as well as different ways of using it. To do this though, you need to install a new operating system on your phone.

Rooting [kw] with PC

The Android SDK is a downloadable tool for generating android applications and testing them on the PC. If you want to, for example, root your [kw] and test the Android applications, then this is the tool for you. Android rooting models are available for a variety of computers. Here, you can learn more about everything that is available!

How to Root [kw] with Windows PC?

Root your Android device, which means to give it root access. This can be done on a Windows PC with the help of our steps.

Steps to Root [kw] with Windows PC?

  1. “To do this, tap the About Phone option on your phone’s Settings menu.”
  2. The third option is the Baseband Version. Press 7 times. The Developer Version shall be open for you.
  3. Return to the Developer Options menu, do you see the Debugging section now? It contains various debugging options so developers can find bugs more efficiently.
  4. Tap the button named ‘Enable Bluetooth HCI Snoop Log’ to root your phone.
  5. To auto-root your Android smartphone, you will need to download Odin on your Windows computer. Make sure to stay alert so that you don’t download the wrong file. Download and install the appropriate one on your Windows laptop or desktop.
  6. When using a USB cable, plugging in is easy and enables you to download a driver that helps link the two devices. Step 6 is to find a driver and connect the two phone to your PC with your USB cable, which you can use to debug and search for updates, as well as install them.
  7. Extracted files have a .zip extension. Look for your extracted file, right-click it and choose the Extract option. Rename your extracted file using a recognizable name and hold onto it!
  8. To root your phone, hold down the power and volume-down buttons for a few seconds, followed by the and home button. You should see a confirmation that your phone has entered download mode.
  9. When you connect the phone to the PC in download mode and Odin is running, wait for it to be successful.
  10. The Odin is working when the message ‘Added Message’ appears.
  11. When you select AP, Odin will prompt you to browse a file.
  12. Head over to the folder where you saved the extracted, renamed auto-root file. Click it open and then hit the start button.
The rooting process has been completed. Your phone will reboot through followed by the booting up of Android OS after completion.

How to Root your [kw] using Linux? 

The additional advantage of Linux is the ability to utilize “Magisk”. This tool allows you to root your system partition though some windows PC’s will not be compatible.

Steps to Root your [kw] using Linux?

  1. To unlock the bootloader, go to Settings->About Phone->Build Number and tap a couple of times. Enable OEM Unlocking in Developer Options, which makes it possible for USB debugging.
  2. You need to boot your computer, connect it with your phone, extract a zip file from Odin, and then add the extracted file as a cd.
  3. Find your device, unlock and boot into Fastwboot/Linux. You can use the power button together with the power-up button to search for fastboot android devices.
  4. When you root, you download a custom recovery or another third-party recovery; to find out what the right one is, visit the TWRP website.
  5. Once you’ve done these steps, go back to your phone and restart it in the bootloader.
  6. To root your device, use the latest version of Magisk.
  7. On the Android device, select to install from ziping and look for the Magisk file. Once done, reboot your smartphone and allow it to boot into android.
Once you root your [kw], you can install Magisk and use many other apps. Now that you have rooted your phone, you can use as many apps as you want!

How to root [kw] with Mac? 

You can choose from 2 different software program types and decide which course of action– rooting your device or not rooting your device– is best for you. Both come with different pros and cons, so choose whichever route will work for you!

Steps to Root your [kw] with Mac

Unrevoked is a rooting solution that doesn’t force you to put your personal information at risk; it instead delivers instant roots with Mac in high efficiency and speed. The user can start the process with just a click of the mouse.
  • Download UNREVOKED Application
  • Plug your phone into your computer. Once connected, you will see a prompt to turn on USB debugging.
  • To enable developer options on your phone, you need to go about 6 taps (Settings – About Phone – Build Number). It’s important that your OEM unlocking is unlocked before trying to make changes to the OS.
  • In this step, you have to connect your phone with the MAC. Open the rooting program
  • Once you download the program, it connects to your phone and starts the rooting process.
  • On the other hand, your phone will reboot itself when the program has finished.

Cydia Impactor

This popular app is quick and easy to use. It makes rooting your phone or tablet safe by detecting end-to-end vulnerabilities before you begin

Steps to Root your [kw] Using Cydia Impactor

  • Beyond rooting, a few additional tips for your new phone
  • When successful, extract the package and run the file.
  • Follow the same steps as before to enable USB debugging, and ensure your phone has full battery life.
  • In order to configure your developer options, tap the Build Number of your phone three times. Once you get back to the Settings menu, scroll down and choose Developer Options. On this screen, open both OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging.
  • Connect your Mac to the [kw] with a USB.
  • This program monitors your device in the background and sends a message if anything needs to be done.
  • You will open the terminal and type # drop SuperSU to /system/xbin/su.
  • Give the phone time to run, root, and reboot. After that, install a SuperSU application to get better access to the root files.

Root your [kw] with PC: Through Rooting apps? 

If you think rooting is something you can do on your phone, consider an app like One-click Root that will take care of rooting your [kw] in a few simple steps. Having multiple apps to root your device is confusing. Here, three user-friendly rooting apps are taken that will provide the simplest methodology.


This one-click root method has a high success rate and may ensure that you end up with a warranty-voiding opportunity.

Steps to Root your [kw] Using iRoot

  • Discover what ur Root needs iRoot to begin installing
  • To enable USB debugging on your phone, connect it to the PC using a USB cable, and tap the “Connect Device” button once detected by the phone.
  • To install the USB driver, please also visit Here, on the “[kw]” folder, you can find a download link to the driver installation file.
  • So, your phone is ready and so is your computer!
  • Find out if your Android mobile device has been detected
  • Run the Root option, wait a few minutes while your phone reboots back to Android, and repeat the process. I suggest running the root option and removing Root Power Manager from apps before powering on.
Create a one-of-a-kind product with customization features.


Here are five quick steps to root your phone with the free dr.fone software. With this system, you will be able to have the friendliest, one-click support system for all of your PC needs.

Steps to Root your [kw] Using dr.fone

  • One more step is needed to install Dr.Fone for PC; open your PC, and then find the rooting program as ‘Dr.Fone for PC.’ Once you download it, you can use it!
  • To connect your phone to the PC, make sure that you have USB debugging enabled.
  • Step 3: Connect the PC to the smartphone and start Copymatic after the connection is successful.
  • Step 4: To detect the location of your Android phone, plug it into your computer and open the Dr.Fone tool. There is a Root Now option, so click on that to be able to go to the next step of rooting your phone.
  • Click the request to confirm rooting as soon as it pops up in your phone. Keep an eye on your phone.
Your [kw] with Android is automatically rebooted without any user input.

Root Genius

This one-click application is compatible with Windows. To root an android phone, you will need to open up the program and use it. This app has a high rank on the success graph and is easy to use with a one-click system.

Steps to Root your [kw] Using Root Genius

  • Root Genius – Get your iphone and click the start button
  • There are three steps to turning Developer mode on. Start by going to Settings, then About Phone, then Builder Number. Tap 7 times and you’ll be in Developer mode. Once it’s activated, select the USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking option from Developer Options (which your phone should now be connected to).
  • Allow the program to download and install on your phone. When it’s installed and ready, follow the root instructions it provides.
  • Before you begin to root your phone, there are some instructions: click on Root Now and wait until the system has rooted your phone. When your phone reboots, please keep the USB plugin connection on!
  • Well, you can just recheck whether you have successfully rooted or not! Download the Root Checker app from the Play store. Check and confirm!
How to save money with these 10 minutes of technical skills!

Root your [kw] with PC: Using CF-Auto-Root!

CF-Auto, a universal rooting utility, has compatibility rates that are equivalent to that of the Android devices, like Samsung and Motorola. It is easy to use CF-Auto to root the [kw] because it is compatible with such a wide range of devices.

How to Memorize a 10-Step Process Easily:

  • “Begin your CF Auto Root download by searching for “[kw]” in the search bar. From there, locate the code that is next to the device name and add it to the site. The auto root process can take up to 4 hours.”
  • Install after download, and return to your phone. Turn it off!
  • To boot up Android devices into their download mode, simultaneously press the Volume-down button and the power button.
  • To install CF-Auto-Root, launch Odin on your PC, and open Samsung Mobile’s website. Check the Auto Reboot and Reset Time boxes, then click on the PDA button and find the CF-Auto-Root zip file.
  • Click Start and begin rooting your android for sale!
The “Root Checker” gives you an idea of how successful old Android phones are with new apps. This can help you decide if it’s worth swapping out your phone to save money.

Advantages of Rooting [kw] with PC

Now that you know the different methods of rooting android devices with a PC, you certainly know how advantageous it is. No doubt, you will evaluate and compare the options in your own debate of Root with PC and Root without PC.
  • Yes, rooting your Android phone with a PC can be easier to do and will have a higher success rate. It is because the rooting software on PC will not put too much pressure on your phone, and this way there can be shared responsibility. Between the Android device and the PC applications!
  • When rooting a phone with PC, there is less of an increase in the battery usage because it switches over to the other Technology. Waiting for the process to be done will not take as long because there is no disruption midway thanks to being able to use less power.
  • There are many ways to root your Android device. You can use a third-party system, a one-click tool, or an auto-root program. All of these have varied benefits.

Disadvantages of Rooting [kw] with PC

While not all disadvantages are present in the Root without PC methodologies, some have arisen with the use of AI. What are they?
  • There are two different coding languages that contribute to the disadvantage of increased risk. As a result of this, you lose your data if something goes wrong. Would you be willing to take this risk for the reward?
  • Connecting the two devices can take a lot of time, and you might not want to invest that much effort into repairing your old phone.
  • You can never go wrong if you root your Android phone, and it’s unlike using a PC or a Mac, which are only sometimes possible.
  • However, these issues may not be present for rooted devices. One potential downside is that rooting usually voids the warranty, although most manufacturers will offer to repair or replace a device through their customer service centers in this scenario.
Why don’t you spend some time reading this article and then make a decision based on which one you think will be best for you?

How to root [kw] without PC – Dive into the methods! 

Don’t get bored of rooting apps the traditional way, download a root application that will allow you to do it straight from your device. There are still alternatives to rooting your phone when you don’t have a PC. Read more to find out how to root your device without a PC

Root [kw] without PC: Rooting Apps in action!

With the use of a rooting app, you can unlock your android phone and work on it at any time. The convenience and convience has impacted the market, predicted to be 10x more in 2022. Root android without a PC: There are a number of popular apps to manage this process on your smartphone. These apps ensure that you avoid mistakes by running the process from your phone.


8000+ Android devices can be rooted with the Vroot app, which supports languages such as Chinese, English, and others. To root your phone in your own language, follow these steps below!

Steps to Root your [kw] Using Vroot

  1. The first step is to authorize the installation, which can be done in your phone’s Settings app. Check your Security settings and allow Unkown Sources.
  2. You can now download the Vroot apk file and install it on your phone by going to the online store. Make sure you download the correct version that is compatible with your device.
  3. You should ensure that your battery is charged and that you have backed up your phone before continuing.
  4. To do this, you need to download the Vroot software and click the “Root” button. Then, wait for it to complete so your phone will be able to function properly.
Alongside several installed apps, you can also see your device has been rooted. These apps can be uninstalled or used as per the user’s need.

Z4 Root

Z4 Root is an APK developed in 2010 that is becoming relevant to the 2022 technology market with temporary rooting applications. It’s a free package that can be availed of and a leading one for fixing old phones in terms of memory leakage. Start root straight from your android smartphone by following these few steps!

Steps to Root your [kw] Using Z4 Root

  • The first step for rooting your [kw] phone is to enable the Unknown Sources in Settings.
  • To root your device, you need to download the Z4 Root apk file, check the compatibility list, and tap to download.
  • To root your android, there are two options. The first is to have a permanent root and the second is to have a temporary root.
  • To root your phone, click on the one that suits your requirement and wait for the phone to root and then reboot itself.
When you see a success notification, switch on your phone and check if it has been rooted. If your phone’s performance errors have been fixed, sit back to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


The app is powered by the XDA Board, and it lets you temporarily root your phone. This ensures no malware or data leakage. With this app, you can quickly get administrator access and then uninstall the app to remove it.

Steps to Root your [kw] Using WeakSauce

  • From the Settings menu, users can choose to Unlock Unknown Sources. Once they download the WeakSauce Apk file, they can open it and launch it in their Android devices.
  • From the Download Manager in your phone, find the Apk and tap to open.
  • Once you launch the application, a disclaimer pops up. The terms and conditions are stated here.
  • Press “Yes” and wait around 60 seconds. With success the bell will sound, press “Exist App”, do not install it!
  • On your Android device, you need to install a superuser program. You can search for SuperSu in the Google Play Store and download it, then open to install.
  • I have to reboot my android phone and wait for it to be rooted.
So in this regard, RootDevices can help you with some more methodologies. But, he insists that the upcoming methodology in the very next columns shall not suit the beginners without a detailed understanding of the Android system. However, it is one of the best methods for individuals who have an idea of the android system and have rooted other phones previously.

How to root [kw] with SuperSU? 

Rooting an android smartphone with SuperSU definitely works. It is precisely because the program works on every recovery option RootDevices suggests his learning scripts for complete success. One should follow the guide and think about the root script of learning scripts placed inside the system folder.
  • How to Gain Full Root Access
  • To put the phone in recovery mode for installing new software, use an app like TWRP Recovery. Choose any file followed by tapping install.
  • After saving the file, you need to flash it. It will take some time to finish flashing, so be patient.
  • To fix a possible device issue, start by clearing the cache and restarting the operating system. This can be accomplished by accessing a new tab on your screen and tapping the “Wipe Cache/Dalvik” or “Reboot System” button. Tap the force close button to continue through this process.
  • TWRP sometimes asks to install SuperSU file and it is okay if you opt ‘Do not install’.
  • As your device is already rooted, you do not need to root it again. Newer versions of the SuperSU app are in the Menu for regulating the privileges.
So when you’ve read all the pros and cons of rooting your phone, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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