Google confirms that Samsung’s upcoming XR headphones will run Android

Ryan McLeod / Android Authority


  • Google and Samsung are working together to build an immersive XR platform.
  • The platform is for Samsung’s XR headphones.
  • Google has confirmed that the platform will run on Android.

Despite more companies shifting their focus from augmented reality (XR) to AI, Samsung is still going full steam ahead with its XR ambitions. After Google’s I/O event, we now know a little more about the upcoming Samsung XR headphones.

Back in February, during Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event, the company teased that it was working on XR devices. Aside from announcing that the hardware is in development, only minimal details were given at the press conference. However, the tech giant revealed that it has partnered with a handful of companies, including Google, to support the device.

Google’s role in the development is said to be to provide a platform for the headset. At Google I/O, the Mountain View-based company confirmed that the headset will run on Android.

Unfortunately, the project still remains quite mysterious. Whether the headset will be VR, AR, or mixed reality is anyone’s guess. Right now, we know next to nothing about the upcoming gadget.

however GalaxyClub reports that it will be a mixed reality headset that will have VR and AR capabilities. But the socket didn’t share its resource.

In addition to Google, Samsung is getting help from Qualcomm, Meta and Microsoft. Qualcomm is said to provide the processor on which the headset will run. At the same time, Microsoft and Meta are expected to help provide services.

For more information, it looks like we’ll just have to sit back and wait. But TM Roh, president and head of Samsung’s mobile experience business, said: “We’re getting there, but we’re not too far.” So we might get more details on Samsung’s XR headphones sooner rather than later.

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