Discord updates its bot with ChatGPT-like features, introduces AI-generated conversation summaries, and more

Discord is the latest company to get in on the AI ​​craze. The company announced today that it is rolling out a suite of new AI experiences across a number of servers.

Notably, Discord is updating its Clyde bot with OpenAI ChatGPT technology, which will allow users to have extended conversations with the bot. You can enter @Clyde on the server to chat with Clyde in any channel. You can also ask Clyde to start a thread for a group of your friends to hang out with. Discord figures it out Clyde can recommend playlists and access GIFs and emojis like any Discord user.

“In Discord, you may already see Clyde responding to commands with a slash or sending you a DM if you’ve made a mistake,” Discord wrote in a blog post. “And next week, Clyde comes to (artificially intelligent) life, natively within Discord, using OpenAI technology.”

For example, you can ask Clyde to send you a gif or share five interesting facts about cats. The company is testing and iterating on the product and believes it will become a core part of the Discord experience.

Discord's new updated Clyde bot

Image Credits: Discord

Discord is also updating its AutoMod moderation tool to take advantage of the power of large language models. AutoMod now uses OpenAI technology to detect and alert moderators when server rules may be violated, while being aware of the context of the conversation. The AutoMod AI trial starts today on a limited number of servers.

The company says the tool has been around since AutoMod’s launch last year automatically blocked over 45 million spam messages from servers before they even had a chance to be published based on server rules.

Discord is also introducing AI-generated conversation summaries. The new feature is designed to group message streams into threads so users can quickly catch up or join topics of interest. With these new summaries, some users will begin to see a new panel on the right side of the screen that will outline the topics discussed. Conversation summaries can be enabled in the server settings and will be rolled out to a limited number of services starting next.

Discord's AI summaries

Image Credits: Discord

In addition to these three new AI experiences, Discord said it envisions other ways it could incorporate AI into its platform. Discord announced that it was open source Avatar Remix, an app that allows users to remix each other’s avatars through generative image models. Developers can find the Avatar Remix code on GitHub starting today. The company is also exploring a shared visual space for collaboration with friends and colleagues that includes an AI-powered text-to-image generator that users can experiment with together.

The company also shared that it is launching an AI incubator and dedicating resources to developers who want to build AI on Discord. The incubator is being launched as part of Discord’s $5 million commitment to fund developers and startups to bring their expertise to the platform. Participants will get access to cash stipends, office hours with Discord development teams, and early access to Discord platform features.

Since its launch a few months ago, ChatGPT Open AI has been dominating the internet and growing in popularity, making artificial intelligence a hot topic in the past few months. As a result, it’s no surprise that Discord is adding an AI-powered chatbot to its own messaging platform.

Discord isn’t the only platform to add new AI features, as Snapchat and Slack have also recently incorporated ChatGPT-like features into their products.


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