Daily Dadish delivers a year-long adventure

In three games, you will play as the main character, who happens to be both a father and a radish. You will embark on an adventure to save your precious baby radishes from destruction.

And the latest addition to the series takes Dadish in a fun new direction.

Daily Dadish brings adventure every day. The game contains more than 365 levels. Each can only be played one day per year. This means you will have to come back every day to complete each level.

You can try levels as many times as you like each day. And you definitely will, because the levels offer a fun challenge.

The on screen controls are simple, press the right side of the screen to jump. Long press on the screen will make Dadish jump higher. You can move around using the arrows on the left side of the screen.

Developer Thomas K. Young said his inspiration for the game came from the wildly popular game Worldle, so players can try a new puzzle every day.

And again, Dadish tries to reunite with his missing children and even a screaming possum.

If you can complete the levels quickly, you can earn medals and stars. These can help you unlock additional costumes that you can purchase.

While playing, you will have to fight junk food themed enemies that will definitely not help your sweet tooth.

In addition to the lively retro graphics of the previous version of the series, the soundtrack of the game is a soundtrack of remixes of classic Dada tunes.

Designed for iPhone and all iPad models, Daily Dadish is now free to download on the App Store.

With a $4.99 in-app purchase, you can remove all in-game ads.


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