ChatGPT iOS app users can now access the internet. Here’s how

Users of the ChatGPT iOS app will now be able to find information through Bing Search. However, the feature is only available to ChatGPT Plus users and must be enabled on site.

“Plus users can now use Browsing to get comprehensive answers and current thoughts on events and information beyond the model’s original training data.” OpenAI made the announcement in a blog post on Tuesday

ChatGPT, based on the language model GPT-3.5, is only able to search to find information until the end of its training date somewhere in 2021. However, the use of Bing search users will be able to survive. The integration is currently in beta for paid users and will be ‘expanded’ soon.

Microsoft announced that ChatGPT users will be able to find answers on the web exclusively from Bing searches. However, the feature is not available to ChatGPT app users.

The ChatGPT iOS app was made available to US users on May 10. Later, OpenAI gradually made the app available in other countries including India. The Android version of the ChatGPT app is still pending and OpenAI has promised to bring the app to the most popular mobile devices soon.

How can users enable Bing search in iOS apps?

1) Download the ChatGPT app on your iOS device if it is not already installed and subscribe to the ChatGPT service which is included by paying 20$ per month.

2) Open the “New Features” section of the ChatGPT app and select GPT-4 as the conversion format.

3) Select ‘Search with Bing’ from the drop down menu.

4) You should be able to find access to find answers to questions about recent Bing search events.

OpenAI also announced a new shared networking feature on Tuesday. Users will be able to share their stories with others through shared links. The feature is currently available to alpha testers and is expected to be rolled out for free to all users in the coming weeks.

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Updated: 28 June 2023, 12:26 PM IST


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