Better understand your health data with the updated heart analyzer

But with a heart analyzer, anyone can better understand the health of your heart.

The app has just been updated with many improvements.

Most importantly, the app’s main dashboard has been redesigned. You can easily move between days and also see a summary of important information such as heart rate, heart rate variability, heart rate oxygen saturation and more.

What used to be Heart Home is now the Insights section. You can view relevant metrics along with clear trend indications.

Other additions to the iPhone include a home screen widget for monitoring heart rate and the ability to compare EKGs recorded by the Apple Watch.

On the Apple Watch, the Heart Analyzer app has been redesigned to show your heart rate throughout the day. After a workout, you can quickly view workout metrics, heart rate charts, and more.

You can also choose a new complication to track heart rate variability. Other existing plots have been revamped.

Heart Analyzer is for iPhone and Apple Watch. You can now download it for free from the App Store.

There are three separate one-time in-app purchase options available for $2.99 ​​each.

The extended data option will unlock detailed meteor and daily heart rate data and allow you to view information for recent years.

With Deep Analytics, you can view heart rate information more comprehensively. You can see a deeper dive into exercise metrics, heart rate recovery during exercise, and more information about other important features like heart rate zones, heart rate variability, and blood oxygen saturation.

With the app customization feature, you can create a customized dashboard, choose an app icon for your home screen, and more.

You can also buy all three options for $6.99 and save some money.

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