5 Takeaways From Coinbase’s Disappointing Q2 Results – Root Devices

US stocks crypto exchange Coinbase fell this morning after its second-quarter results missed top- and bottom-line expectations, falling more than 5% in premarket trading before jumping as much as 7% after markets opened.

The company, which was once very profitable after its direct IPO in 2021 thanks to its cryptocurrency-related trading activities, is now working to contain costs and defy the current “winter” in its market, fully sticking to previous profitability targets. year.

The Coinbase report – read Root Devices’s initial look here – is full of fascinating data, making it difficult to list the details in just one column. To recall what Coinbase reported yesterday and what its forward-looking remarks mean for the crypto startup economy in the latter half of 2022, let’s dive deeper today.

Here are five excerpts from the Coinbase report that stood out to us. Of course, let us know if you think we’ve missed anything critical. To work!

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