5 games to play in your free time

Open the fun Flipomacy puzzle. When you launch Fliplomacy, there is only the main theme, which is a pink to lavender background, and your Diplomat is pink, which should change the purple flags to pink. After solving a certain number of puzzles, more themes become available for you to use.

These themes change the appearance of your diplomat, as well as the flags and symbols on the squares that represent the special tiles. I love the other themes and seeing how awesome the red blue playing card theme looks definitely motivates me to keep going until I unlock it.

Like many puzzles, Fliplomacy is based on levels. There are 150 puzzles divided into five chapters, each with 30 levels. Unlike most puzzle games, however, everything is unlocked from the start, so you can play the game in any order you like. So if you get stuck, don’t worry! Simply try another puzzle and come back to another one later. The freedom to play however you want is definitely fantastic and alleviates any potential frustrations.

For iPhone and iPad, you can download the game for $2.99. In-app purchases are available to unlock all puzzles, themes, and more.


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