5 Best Police Scanner Apps for Android

People use police scanners for all sorts of reasons. It helps some people stay on top of crime in the area, while others use them for fun. In this quick list, we will collect the best police scanning apps for Android. The good news is that there are some pretty decent options. Unfortunately, this isn’t a category where you see real releases year after year, so you’ve probably seen them all before.

There haven’t been any major new releases in this space for a long time. Fortunately, current apps are consistently updated. Before we get started, it’s important to note that possession and use of a police scanner is illegal in some places, so check your local laws before downloading any of these to avoid getting into trouble. Let’s get started.


Price: Free / $15 per 6 months

Broadcastify - Best Police Scanning Apps

Broadcastify is one of the newer police scanning apps. It boasts over 6,000 police, fire, EMS and aviation channels. The app is easy enough to use. Includes location search. You can also save channels to your favorites list for quick recall. There is also a premium version. The premium version removes advertising and gives you access to 180 days of archived radio broadcasts. It still has the occasional bug. However, it is nothing important. There is another Police Scanner app that uses Broadcastify as a source. It also works very well.

Police scanner

Price: Free / $4.99

best police scanning apps for android

Police Scanner by Logicord is one of the more stable police scanner apps. This app boasts over 5,000 police, fire, ambulance and other radio resources. Some features include the ability to listen over slower internet connections, the ability to search for sources based on your GPS location, and it also supports international sources. The interface could be better. However, it is still easy to use. The Pro version is available for $4.99 as an in-app purchase.

X police scanner

Price: free

Police Scanner X is another decent police scanner. Contains thousands of scanners to browse. They are organized into top 50 resources for faster access. It also has a resume feature for faster access. Like most, there are some areas it lacks. It also has the occasional bug. However, the experience is generally pleasant. You can download the application for free. At least at the time of this writing, it’s free.

Screenshot of Scanner 911 2022

Scanner 911 is a fairly decent police scanning app. It offers stations for police, fire and EMS scanners across the United States. Stations are sorted by distance. So if you search for Chicago, the results are those closest to Chicago. Additionally, it comes with an equalizer, lock screen controls, and Material Design. Downloading the app is completely free. You just have to deal with the ads.

Radio scanner

Price: Free / $2.99

Scanner Radio - the best police scanning apps

Scanner Radio is among the most popular police scanning apps. There are 5300 radio stations from all over the world and covers police, fire, weather and amateur stations. It also has tons of useful features, including the ability to send you a notification when a lot of people are listening to a certain station. It also has Material Design.

This is probably the best one out there right now. We recommend starting here. The free version contains most features and advertising. The Pro version costs $2.99 ​​and removes ads and adds some extra features. We recommend the premium version because it’s simply better.

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